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I want to help others with autism through scuba diving.

I like to make a difference with Diveheart

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My name is Louis Marinucci. I'm from Philadelphia PA, I'm hoping to go on my third Diveheart scuba adventure trip with my buddy Jim Elliott, & other friends from Diveheart. In the three years I have been part of Diveheart as an adaptive diver with autism, I have made videos covering different topics including scuba diving & talking about autism on YouTube on my channel Louis' Adventures. I would love to help create a Diveheart team in Southeastern Pennsylvania & South Jersey. Ever since my first Diveheart trip to Cozumel in 2016, I have gotten better at scuba diving. After my second trip I joined the Adventure Aquarium in Camden New Jersey as one of their volunteers in 2018 with a mission to gain more experience as a scuba diver. I'm the first adaptive diver with autism to volunteer at the Adventure Aquarium. My goal is also to help people with autism as well as others with disabilities through Diveheart. I'm going to learn more about the Diveheart adaptive buddy training on this upcoming trip so that i can be of assistance whenever needed. Here are videos from my previous Diveheart trips. In both of these videos I interview Jim Elliott, Diveheart president, Diveheart Executive Director Tinamarie Hernandez, and Diveheart Training Coordinator Rachel Crane. They all give me advice and support as a diver and a content creator.

My video from my first Diveheart Experience in 2016

My video from my second Diveheart Experience in 2017