Stuart Grinde
Stuart Grinde's Fundraiser
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We can help build new programs, provide materials and opportunities for training and allow Diveheart to spread our message of hope and healing to more people.

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.

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My name is Stuart Grinde

I just started a fundraiser for @diveheart! Help me reach my goal. People with disabilities too often hear the word can't and not enough are given the opportunities to experience how much they can do.

I started diving in 1974 I was in love of the sport.

One day I was injured in a accident to various parts of my body. The doctor told me that I would never walk or dive again due to a leg and head injury.

My friends got me to rehab and back in the water again.

Now I am diving for Diveheart as a adaptive buddy. I am with the southern California Diveheart Team and help provide training with the southern California group as a team member.

I have helped with dive trade shows, humanities events with this team and I also have provided my own scuba training equipment for in water training for humans with disabilities.

I service this gear and provide all scuba dive gear that is needed so others that can not afford the expence can explore and experience scuba diving.

My goal is to raise funds to travel with a group of divers for Diveheart to Cozumel in August 2017.

I will be rooming and helping a quad diver in the hotel room, aboard the dive boat, and in the water.

Please help me to make this happen so I can help others.

Thank you for all your consideration.

Stuart Grinde